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Product Description

This Math Quiz app is developed to re-energize your brain function so it can continue to perform at a high level. Brain function naturally starts to deterioriate when you grow older (after twenty), just like any other parts of your body tend to weaken as we age. Thus it is necessary to keep your brain fit by regularly providing stimulation to keep it active. We can do that by simply practice solving simple calculations regularly. A research conducted in Japan has proven that simple calculations activate the brain more effectively than any other activities. It is also discovered that solving the calculations quickly is the best way to activate the largest region of the brain.

Key features include:

– Different challenge modes for different difficulty level.
– A leaderboard to encourage some competition among the players.
– Share your results with friends and family member easily.

Quiz Express is a series of Quiz apps to help you learn a language, improve your brain functions and widen your general knowledge by playing a simple quiz game. This learn by doing approach has proven to be a very effective way to gain mastery of the things you wish to learn.

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